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A wee message from Lanark Lanimer Committee

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Lanark Lanimers 2019 - Crowds won't be gathering in 2020 like the Lanimers of previous years

This is a wee message to all the children of Lanark from the Lanimer Committee...

We understand that you are disappointed that this year’s Lanimer celebrations have been cancelled. In these unusual, and sometimes sad times, we want to help make your Lanimer Week a happy time.

We have created Lanimer themed colouring pages which would look great in your window. You might like to get more creative and decorate your windows, gardens, or fences for Lanimer Week to show what makes Lanimer Day special to you.

Click here to download the Lanimer themed colouring pages

That might be flags, crowns, horses, court dress, paper flowers or even a favourite Lanimer entry from previous years. Whatever you do to mark Lanimer Day in Lockdown we would love to see what you create, not least because we can’t meet with you all at The Cross or Castlebank Park on Lanimer Day.

We have also created a wee social story for those who will find that useful and help them take part. Read below:


We are proud of you all. We just ask that you continue to follow the rules, stay safe, wash your hands and be kind. These things set a good example and help keep our Brilliant Burgh safe.

Happy Lanimers from everyone on the Lanimer Committee!

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