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Development Trust refreshes Lanark welcome signs

The signs have been painted in recent weeks, with many now displaying Lanark branding

For many years they have greeted locals and visitors to the town, but now Lanark’s welcome signs are set for a new lease of life.

The Lanark Community Development Trust is in the process of revamping the town’s five signs, which will soon benefit from a fresh lick of paint and stylish Lanark branding.

The Development Trust applied to South Lanarkshire Council’s community fund last October assist with the cost of the new signage and painting is currently in progress.

The new welcome signs incorporate Lanark branding designed by local architect Peter Magnus.

Sylvia Russell, chair of the Development Trust, believes that the new signs will make a big difference.

She said: “They were so shabby beforehand and I managed to get a council community grant of £300 for the signs. We got Peter Magnus to design the signs based on the design work he had already done for the station signs. It was the Lanark Print Co that made them up for us. We are grateful to Jacks for giving the paint free of charge and also to Lanark Print Co who gave us a big discount on the cost of the signs.

“They’re now going up, we’re repainting the bollards black to fit in with Peter’s idea of what they should look like. They’re not all painted yet, we’ve still got two to paint. Four of the signs are up. The fifth is the one at the Cartland Bridge Hotel which we’re not doing just yet because Ernest Romer has got to cut down all the grass round about it and there’s overhanging trees and such like. That’s all got to be done before we paint them. It’s also quite dangerous because it’s close to the road.

“It’s just brightening up the image of the town. It’s all part and parcel of how we’re trying to just sell the town as a nice place to come and visit, and all the other improvements we’ve been doing like the hanging baskets and trying to get the closes revamped.

“I would hope that just by having the new signs up it makes the town a more attractive place for visitors to come.”