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Have your say at local election hustings night

Voters have seven candidates to choose from to represent the ward

The Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council has organised a hustings meeting with Clydesdale North’s candidates at Greyfriars Parish Church this Thursday at 7pm where you can get the panel’s views on a range of local issues ahead of the election.

Voters will go to the polls next Thursday with seven candidates available to choose from, three of whom will be elected to represent the ward for the next five years.

The Scottish local government elections use the single transferable vote system. Voters will be issued with one ballot paper and asked to number the candidates in order of their choice by putting the number one in the box next to the name of the candidate who is their first choice, two in the box next to their second choice, three in the box next to their third choice and so on. Voters can make as many or as few choices as they wish.

Incumbent councillors Ed Archer, Independent, and Catherine McClymont, Labour, will both be available for election while the SNP have selected Julia Marrs as their candidate to replace the incumbent Vivienne Shaw.

Ryan Doherty will stand for the Greens, Richard Eliott-Lockhart will represent the Conservatives, Richard Mills is the Liberal Democrats candidate and Ronald Logan will stand as an Independent.

Frank Gunning, chairman of the Community Council, is looking forward to the event.

He said: “Election hustings are a bit like corporation buses, we don't have any for a while - well, not since this time last year - and then two come along at once!

“First of the two in view is the one for the South Lanarkshire Council election in May.

“The opportunity for you to come along and grill any or all of the seven candidates in traditional ‘greetin' meetin’ style, will be held in Greyfriars Church on Thursday 27 April at 7pm.

“Details of the forthcoming Westminster hustings will follow as soon as possible.”