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Discover Lanark for Business - BID Renewal Ballot

Discover Lanark Business Improvement District will be seeking a further 5 year mandate to deliver projects and services in Lanark with a renewal ballot in early 2024.

To find out more about the upcoming ballot process and the initial feedback from the business consultation, you will see an update in our recently published Next Steps: What happens now? document which you can read or download HERE.

In summary, the business survey asked respondents to identify their priorities across 5 themes: i) increasing footfall ii)marketing of the town iii) a more welcoming, attractive and safer town iv) support to businesses and organisations and v) tourism initiatives.
The 12 highest ranking projects were: i) Business Frontage Improvement Grants ii) Summer Trail Event iii) Winter Wonderland and Improve the Appearance of Vacant Properties v) Introduction of CCTV vi) Town Centre Markets vii) Great Days Out in Lanark Campaign viii) Promotion of Lanark's Heritage to a Wider Audience ix) Discover Lanark Social Media x) Promotion of Business Support Initiatives, Grants and Wider Information xi) Discover Lanark Website xii) Attract Additional External Funding. The findings of the consultation alongside discussions with businesses will form the basis for the Business Plan 2024-2029.
The upcoming key dates for the renewal ballot are:

More general information about Discover Lanark can be found below. To find out more about the renewal ballot and to discuss your ideas and priorities, please contact Antonia Pompa, Discover Lanark Manager on 07309 782060 or 

Businesses and organisations in Lanark have come together to make their voice heard and to work collectively to deliver a range of services that will make a real and lasting difference to their town. 

In 2019 they voted to set up a Business Improvement District (BID) which launched that September, running for an initial 5 year period.

You can see our Business Plan 2019-2024 HERE.

Businesses wanted to see improvements across 4 key themes:

To find out about the projects and services we have delivered in the last couple of years, click HERE and HERE.

The first half of 2023 has seen the completion of Wallace House, an open air art and heritage space in the heart of the town centre highlighting the role of William Wallace in the town's history. The space was opened officially on the same day as Lanark Medieval Celebration in June 2023 and has welcomed many visitors since.

After a successful pilot in December with the Made in Lanark Festive Market, we have organised Spring and Summer markets in Hunter's Close whilst the summer holidays saw the return of the very popular Jurassic Lanark, which continues to draw enthusiastic visitors from far and wide.

2023 has also seen the launch of the Lanark Community Comfort Scheme providing toilets in 10 locations in the town centre and beyond for both residents and visitors to use without any need to make a purchase.

We are now looking forward to Christmas with our Santa Saturdays, the return of the Made in Lanark Festive Market and a high profile marketing campaign to promote the town and our businesses.

About Us

A BID is a business led and business funded organisation formed to improve a defined area, in our case the town of Lanark.

Discover Lanark’s Board of Directors is made up of owners and managers of local businesses, and representatives of the public and third sectors. The current members of the board are:

They are responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the BID, ensuring that projects are delivered within budget to meet the needs of the town’s businesses. They bring together their expertise, ideas and enthusiasm in order to guide the BID forward and to support the work of the BID Manager, Antonia Pompa. 

The BID is funded through a BID levy, based on the rateable value of each property. That money is ring-fenced and used to deliver the business plan. Once a majority vote in favour of the BID has been achieved, the BID levy becomes mandatory on all eligible ratepayers. You can see our most recent Financial Statements HERE

In its first year of operation Discover Lanark generated an extra £81,000 funding on top of that generated from the BID levy. A further £76,500 was generated in its second year and £91,800 in the third year. This represents an extra 59p for every £1 of the BID levy contribution. We will continue to make funding applications in future years to lever additional investment into the town and augment our delivery programme.


Below are links to a range of useful documents where you can find out more about Discover Lanark and the services we provide.

To find out more about Discover Lanark, please contact the BID Manager, Antonia Pompa, on 07309 782060 or

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