Throughout the independence referendum I have been fascinated by the way that politics has energised people throughout the country.

It made me think about how fortunate we are here in Lanark to have such a strong community that pulls together when it matters and no matter what your views are on the referendum; it’s important that we maintain that local spirit.

On that note, congratulations to the 12 well-known locals who have been chosen to receive a Burgess Ticket; a Lanark tradition that was revived by the Community Council last year.

Well done to the Community Council for reviving this custom and it’s good to see these hard-working Lanarkians recognised for their work in the town.

If you’d like to help out in the area then get in touch with New Lanark as The Great Tapestry of Scotland is coming to New Lanark in the next few weeks and they’re looking for volunteers to help them throughout its stay. This is set to be another popular feature in New Lanark and I’m sure it’ll be well worth a look.

Speaking of events, have you ever walked past the Memorial Hall and thought: “I’d love to see so and so play there?” Well now is your chance to suggest some entertainers to the hard-working team behind the scenes at the Memo as they’re keen to find out what Lanarkians would like to see on stage.

Millar Stoddart is on the ball as ever with local sport so head over to the sports page for the latest from the area.

Good luck to Lanark United who are in Junior Cup action this Saturday when they face Penicuik Athletic at Moor Park. This is the first chance to catch new manager John Brogan at the helm and kick off is at 2.30pm.

As ever if there’s anything you would like to see featured on the Lanark Life website just send me an e-mail using the address below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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