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Nominations open for Discover Lanark BID Board

Discover Lanark BID nomination

Nominations are now open for local businesses to join the Discover Lanark BID Board

Following the successful ballot for the Discover Lanark BID, a BID Company will be formed, becoming operational on 1st June 2019. The BID Company board of directors will consist of representatives from eligible businesses from a wide range of business sectors.

An ‘eligible’ business is any business entitled to vote in the Discover Lanark ballot and liable to pay the BID levy.

Becoming a Director of the Discover Lanark BID Company – What does it involve?

You will have responsibility for:

  • Oversight of the delivery of projects and services laid out in the Discover Lanark Business Plan
  • Ensuring that the Company is operated in an efficient and effective manner
  • Ensuring proper financial management and transparent decision making
  • Decision-making relating to applications for grants made to the BID (e.g. shop frontage scheme, marketing and events grants etc).
  • Monitoring performance of the BID company against its objectives and publishing the Company’s Annual Report(s)
  • Making amendments to the projects delivered should new opportunities or changes in circumstances arise in the best interests of the whole business community.
  • The strategic direction of the BID
  • Signing and adhering to an agreed Code of Conduct relating to the position of a Director on the BID Board, including completing a Register of Interests on taking up the position.

You will be accountable to: the Membership of the Company and all BID Levy Payers

Terms: The positions on the Board will be voluntary and unpaid and Directors will be expected to attend all Board Meetings – at least 6 per year.

What skills will I need?

Above all the BID Board needs people with a passion and enthusiasm for improving the local trading environment for the benefit of the whole community.

Desirable skills on the Board will include:

  • Financial management/accountancy
  • Marketing
  • I.T. and social media
  • Legal services
  • Planning /facilities
  • Event Management

Nominations for Management Group/Board

The outgoing Steering Group is now seeking nominations from those eligible businesses located within the BID area for the BID Board. As detailed in the Business Plan, there will be up to twelve places on the BID Board representing all business sectors.

The BID Steering Group would like to invite business representatives to nominate themselves for a place on the new BID Board. If you are the owner of an eligible business or a manager of a national eligible business located within the BID area, and you have a passion for Lanark and would like to participate in the process of ensuring that the town continues to thrive and grow over the coming years, then please take the time to complete the attached form and return it to the address below no later than Friday 12th April 2019.

A seat on the BID Board will by no means be an honorary position; it will involve active participation and involvement in all aspects of delivering the BID Business Plan. It will require attendance at meetings and a willingness to work closely with the BID Management team who will be delivering the projects and services on behalf of the BID.

If more nominations are received for the allocated number of places of 12 then a meeting will be held, where those wishing to be part of the BID Board can present their case to those in attendance (all will be invited) and a vote will then take place. If not enough nominations are forthcoming, then the Group will have the right to co-opt eligible persons onto the board.

The Steering Group look forward to receiving your nominations and applications to join the new BID Management Group /Board and hope you will join us on the next stage of this exciting journey for Discover Lanark.

Nomination forms and documentation have been sent to eligible businesses. You may also download these documents here :

Nomination Form

What does it involve?

Invitation Letter