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Bookings open for Outdoor Cleghorn Summer holiday fun

Muddy Smiles Outdoor Cleghorn

Splat! Bookings are now open for Outdoor Cleghorn's 2020 programme of outdoor summer sessions. 

The sound of laughter rings out from the clearing in the trees. Half a dozen children - mud-spattered, smiling - charge across the space in pursuit of only they know what.​

They leap, shriek, slip and slide before collapsing in a heap beside the fire pit for a hot chocolate and a 'Smore: a reward for a hard day's play and an energy boost for the journey back to the Hub.​

At Outdoor Cleghorn, based to the east of Lanark, children are allowed to be themselves and to play however they choose. The Outdoor Cleghorn team brings together knowledge and experience of working with children with our strongly held belief in the value and benefit of free, unstructured play in its purest form.

"With the latest guidance we now feel confident that we can officially open bookings for our Summer session. Delighted to say that Lynne will be joining the madness again.

Girls and boys aged 5-11 all welcome for lunacy based free play in the woods and streams of Cleghorn Farm.

You bring your imagination, sense of adventure, a snack, lunch and a change of clothes. We provide the space (and the risk assessments!).

We've reduced our numbers in order to comply with new guidelines, so will be taking a maximum of 8 children each day. We will send out logistics of drop off and collection with your booking confirmation.​"

  • Week 1: Monday 20th - Friday 24th July *22nd fully booked*
  • Week 2: Monday 27th - Friday 31st July *27th fully booked*

9am-4pm daily

£37 first booking

10% discount for returnees and siblings

Any questions, feel free to contact Outdoor Cleghorn on Facebook or via our website