Development Trust vows to complete sawmill project

A public petition to gather support via The Lanark Website gathered over 500 signatures in two weeks

The Lanark Community Development Trust has redoubled its efforts to transform the derelict sawmill at Castlebank Park after its application for £500,000 to renovate the building was rejected by the Big Lottery Fund last month.

The Development Trust is in the process of revising its plan for the project following a board meeting last week.

The members agreed to proceed with new funding applications and approved its architect to revise the project plan.

The original proposal included a solar panel canopy between the toilet block and sawmill building, with the rear segment of the sawmill structure demolished in favour of a new two-storey building.

The Lanark Website understands that under the new plan the sawmill structure will now be retained in its entirety and refurbished at an estimated cost of between £100,000 and £150,000.

While the streamlined plan is not the Development Trust’s original vision for the derelict building, a renovated sawmill structure is essential for the completion of its Castlebank Park project.