Blackhill View Point

1-2 Hours


2 miles


Easy to moderate


951 ft

Other info

Not much of the walk is on level ground.

Photo courtesy of Graeme McLeish

Blackhill is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and was designated a Scheduled Ancient Monument in 1969 due to the presence of an Iron Age fort and Bronze Age burial ground.

Getting there:

From Lanark turn left off the A72 onto the B7018 immediately after Kirkfieldbank. Continue along this twisty road for 1.5 miles until the road until chevrons indicate the main road turns 90 degrees left, at this point carry straight on the narrow steep tarmac road for a quarter of a mile to layby with space for parking 2-3 cars.

1 - Cross the via fence using the stile and follow track up hill, when track becomes indistinct follow cattle fence on right hand side until triangulation point becomes visible

2 - Continue uphill, crossing second stile into field with rougher ground and gorse to make your way to triangulation point. Main things to see are, Tinto to the South, Hagshaw Hill Windfarm near Douglas to the South West, Arocher Alps and Ben Lomond to the North West, Southern Highlands to the North and Clyde Valley and Lanark to the East and South East.

3 - From the trig point head downhill (avoiding the thick gorse on rhs) and cross fence on right hand side (style is broken, so you may need to climb over iron gate). Once over fence turn left downhill towards the transmitter aerial. Before the transmitter turn right downhill, following a line of beech trees before climbing over iron gate on to Holehouse farm road. Once on the farm road turn right

4 - Follow the farm road first down then uphill before reaching a junction joining Stonebyres   Holdings, turn right and proceed up the hill to Stonebyres Farm before turning left and heading downhill on the farm road to the B7018 (Newkayes Road). Turning right will take you back up to the starting point.

Pick the right day and the views from the summit will not disappoint!

Today it's Heavy Snow.