Carmichael Walk

2-3 Hours


4.5 miles


Easy to moderate

Other info

Steep ascent and decent from Monument.

Photo courtesy of Graeme McLeish

This is a walk for all seasons, however Autumn is particularly enjoyable due to the fantastic selection of colours in the woodland sections of the walk.

Directions – A73 Lanark to Biggar road. Carmichael Visitor Centre is 5 miles along the road on the right hand side approx 1 mile before turn off to Tinto Hill.

1 - The start of the Carmichael History Walk is not particularly well marked. From the Visitor Centre Car Park go to the end of the Heritage Museum and then walk between the farm buildings until reaching a red/brown gravel path (after this, there is a ‘History Walk’ marker).

2 - Follow the path through some woodland and then turn right steeply uphill past a red brick cottage. At the entrance to the main drive, turn left through iron gates (which may be chained but not locked). A few hundreds yards further on to your right (hidden from view behind dense commercial forestry) the imposing remains of Carmichael House appear suddenly as if out of nowhere.

3 - Carmichael House was built in stages starting in 1734 and has mirror image wings connected by a corridor and entrance hall. The house is now in ruins and the roof removed in 1952.

4 - Continue past the house into more woodland and through an animal graveyard before going down a couple of steps, turn right and cross a small bridge.

5 - The road then widens to a driveway which passes Westmains (the home of the present chief of the Carmichael Clan) and continues to Carmichael Estate’s West Gate. A couple of hundred yards before the gate entrance turn right into a strip of Woodland and continue uphill through the woodland and mature beech trees until you come across a ‘History Walk’ sign pointing right.

6 - Cross the fence onto the Carmichael hillside and continue uphill through a mixture of heather, long grass and blueberry until reaching the Monument.

7 - The Monument is in recognition of the 2nd Earl of Hyndford who was a distinguished and important diplomat in the time of George II.

8 - From the Monument make your way downhill to a strip of conifers and veer left steeply downhill to an estate road (with the deer fence to your right hand side).

9 - At the bottom of the hill turn right onto the estate road and then right again at the next junction to return via the red brick cottage at the start of the walk.

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