Caldwellside Industrial Estate

Caldwellside Industrial Estate is located a mile and a half from Lanark town centre on the A743.

There are over 20 businesses located in and immediately adjacent to the estate specialising in manufacturing, technology, logistics, plant and equipment, auto repairs and more. Many are open to both the public and trade.

Find out more about the many excellent businesses located at Caldwellside by clicking on the map icons below.

Caldwellside Industrial Estate is located a mile and a half from Lanark town centre on the A743.

There are over 20 businesses located in and immediately adjacent to the estate specialising in manufacturing, technology, logistics, plant and equipment, auto repairs and more. Many are open to both the public and trade.

Find out more about the many excellent businesses located at Caldwellside by clicking on the map icons below.

[{"name":"Bryson Tractors","content":"

New Holland Main Dealers. Bryson Tractors sells a wide range of tractors and machinery - suitable for any size business, small or large. They have a well stocked store offering tools, clothing, workwear, gloves and boots; lubricants, oils and cleaning materials; nuts, bolts and washers; farming toys, models, and pedal tractors. With lots of fantastic offers throughout the year, like them on facebook to keep in touch, or even better pop in and see for yourself.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/O4VTSXdXiqh6Ifxe0K0IxU96eYf5ozyN6nDdQsfU.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/Zyzl0n24ulOQQwx5GVtF1CG9IYikF4KQD3uEi0Nv.png","lat":55.679377,"lng":-3.744345,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/bryson-tractors"},{"name":"Autotech Lanark Ltd","content":"

Located at Caldewellside Industrial Estate, Autotech Lanark services include a vehicle repair workshop, MOT station, premier garage, vehicle remapping, laser wheel alignment and much more.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/xZbZXqPRcg041vAksvFKz3D24LYLiI9WhwniiN4I.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/CEnoKRVxqXtW1Y1HSpwbDnv9NX04Fz5vv6WNF7Y6.png","lat":55.679221,"lng":-3.746913,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/autotech-lanark-ltd"},{"name":"Boyd's Motor Engineers Ltd","content":"

Boyd's Motor Engineers is a small busy garage serving Lanark for over 10years, They work on all makes of vehicles and offer the following services: class 4 MOT, servicing, brakes, tyres, exhausts, clutches, cam belt replacement and vehicle remapping.<\/p>\n\n

They are specialists in vehicle diagnostics, auto electrics and DPF diagnostics, especially on VW, Audi, Ford and BMW vehicles. They repair many hard to find faults and work with many other garages helping them to solve their electrical issues.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/6GqBsg9YmhIQxNBNaFyP5FcdLHGCaU7n1eCx5xFX.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/RLf8x93yg1JL24lpPfkq1eSmtSrZvok4FD9vYzdK.png","lat":55.678395,"lng":-3.745496,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/boyds-motor-engineers-ltd"},{"name":"R Allison Ltd","content":"

Located at Caldwellside Industrial Estate, R Allison has workshop facilities for installation, service, repair and maintenance of lorry loader cranes. The company's fully equipped service vans cover the whole of Scotland and its stores are stocked for spares and parts.<\/p>\n\n

R Allison is ALLMI registered to provide LOLER testing.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/ERPQkIStOAwTj5Qnb1wqcBZj6z2c1i0rBZpW0MWp.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/I24ufvSqs2HAqYorcPZ0E63TG4Bp5RJluiigYBPB.png","lat":55.678122,"lng":-3.743447,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/r-allison-ltd"},{"name":"West End Mechanical Services","content":"

West End Mechanical Services is a family run business established in February 2013. Their success is based on quality repairs with parts and labour guarantees as a standard. Located at Unit 1, EPS Properties on the A743, they are a mile and a half outside Lanark town centre. If you looking for a quality repair with parts and labour they urge you to give them a try.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/6B9SkN6qsmOkbwrxYNWq3NljutvMfZofkmtWiwc7.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/ztQxwIGRTXsdVRZu75Ys5c6CPfpMaPBsmakRPlvX.png","lat":55.679212,"lng":-3.748705,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/west-end-mechanical-services"},{"name":"BoxIT Storage","content":"

BoxIT Storage is located at Caldwellside Industrial Estate near Lanark. The company provides safe storage facilties using wooden boxes stored inside their fully insulated warehouse. Security is ensured through a 24hr CCTV\/Red Care Alarm System.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/xc0EBFTX7VVApV5YouzQOxtM17Cxrk2YGcSaqfSN.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/0ozxob9mYHJwRIBjJqlyReYTm76lFywiHoOTsq4U.png","lat":55.678987,"lng":-3.746897,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/boxit-storage"},{"name":"NWX","content":"

Founded in 1989, NWX has been a pioneer and innovator in the distribution of new technology and high-end electronics brands.<\/p>\n\n

Always evolving, their diverse range of skills and untiring enthusiasm for \u2018what\u2019s next\u2019 makes them a uniquely valuable partner. They are the creative spark behind many successful third party ventures, providing award-winning product design and development, marketing and branding consultancy services. Their own family of brands is sold in over 40 countries around the world.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/Wnuhvl7b7M4yXIH2fk0GUZAiYMpsjzkIAn3lrnkG.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/RRfQTJOtrRrohUOiYAGnePyTBiMgeLWyZu8WIFlG.png","lat":55.678312,"lng":-3.746743,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/nwx"},{"name":"Border Biscuits","content":"

Baking beautifully crafted biscuits has been at the heart of what Border Biscuits has done since 1984. As a family owned business, its recipes have been developed with passion and care to create a range of everyday treats that its loyal customers love.<\/p>\n\n

Border Biscuits is the leading supplier of premium biscuits in Scotland and is proud to say that its famously fiery Dark Chocolate Ginger is the nation's favourite.<\/p>\n\n

Border Biscuits is also passionate about supporting its local community and invests 10% of its profits each year into projects that benefit the people and town of Lanark. To date it has contributed over \u00a31 million to 170 not-for-profit organisations and good causes, making a real and lasting difference in its local community.<\/p>\n\n


\u00a0<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/AMWjY18NqMYZNFPc6QeFUad89m2QJKiyz6WkNlD2.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/lY6YyZmnogAH3tvbjWPE89xPAYqKiPz0rRs92Hdl.jpeg","lat":55.677635,"lng":-3.74621,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/border-biscuits"},{"name":"Kirk Caravan Service","content":"

Kirk Caravan Service is a family run business catering for all your leisure accommodation needs. With more than 20 years experience in the industry they are the ideal company to care for your home from home.<\/p>\n\n

They offer a new experience for caravaners delivering first class customer service and satisfaction guaranteed.<\/p>\n\n

With fully qualified engineers in Gas, 12V systems, 230V system, mechanical, plumbing and much more there is not a lot that they cannot do.<\/p>\n\n

They hold all relevant product training from big manufacturers such as Truma, Thetford, Alde and more.<\/p>\n\n

Being able to service your pride and joy whilst keeping your manufacturers warranty valid is a must and being part or the approved workshop scheme means just that.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/H1c11BzRN9Xlo7bkkKmamxst82WVnKUeLlDqarfl.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/3hQg0Yt03dd9XESlpYJ9kA0PHVQ0HseUIA4TJLtO.jpeg","lat":55.67938,"lng":-3.746242,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/kirk-caravan-service"},{"name":"A.G. Barr Vehicle Repair Service","content":"

AG Barr Vehicle Repair Service is a family run business with over 40 years experience, offering a wide range of services for cars & commercial vehicles.<\/span><\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/T6NlZD0qGcedOiIIuCtbxnSmlpbeGBSkJKsebTu8.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/OiGJh66GnH4zwU1oqGwWocWwvKcJIO1CqLU42x4c.png","lat":55.678008,"lng":-3.744664,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/ag-barr-vehicle-repair-service"},{"name":"Wolseley","content":"

Wolseley UK is a leading plumbing, heating and cooling trade specialist merchant. Their aim is to be the first choice for trade customers across the country.<\/p>\n\n

Their Lanark branch is located at Caldwellside Industrial Estate, a mile and a half outside Lanark town centre.<\/p>\n\n

They take pride in offering excellent specialist know-how, being easy to do business with, offering confidence that the price is right and making sure they deliver on their promises.<\/p>\n\n

\u00a0<\/span><\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/u2JNeulF0Wbpym77NiNdo0lc53K0gykTUxeIrhkb.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/SKwxVvVPMmWrBC1NWcpx5l3cDlK9yTmqaemYG73n.png","lat":55.678879,"lng":-3.745308,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/wolseley"},{"name":"Martin Precision","content":"

Martin Precision is a highly successful and growing business located in the industrial belt of Scotland, an area renowned for its engineering expertise.<\/p>\n\n

They manufacture and supply precision engineered components and assemblies to customers in quality critical industries who operate in dynamic and highly competitive markets. \u00a0Their success depends on state-of-the-art products, on time deliveries and meeting the most demanding quality standards in the industry.<\/p>\n\n

They invest continually in new equipment and improved processes allow them to manufacture a variety of products from small threaded parts to components with highly complex geometrical shapes. \u00a0With \u2018draw to print\u2019 capability, they collaborate with their clients to ensure that design, cost and quality are optimised.<\/p>\n\n

Martin Precision serves as a vital link in the supply chain to some of the world\u2019s best-known companies. With quality at the heart of everything they do, Martin Precision provides quality and traceability, but most of all, they deliver peace of mind.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/hPFN7mCOx0SZsL48Z4kJ3a7LzXGCrufTHb7SmwpK.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/JGVFLT2FGIOPmE1e3ajluaF6wyrP65tKPwELZw4G.png","lat":55.6783,"lng":-3.743993,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/martin-precision"},{"name":"Lanark Beds, Mattress & Furniture Warehouse","content":"

Lanark Beds, Mattress and Furniture Warehouse is located at Caldwellside Industrial Estate just over a mile from Lanark town centre. Selling an excellent range of affordable beds, mattresses and furniture, they have a reputation for good value and excellent service.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/0WzMoD8EsUyzxSkI3alkXVk6u7bflSvnXTbeVfkz.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/kbiSJZdNBcRLMggjwXc5pQikwv4nkqCLkFwFe3id.png","lat":55.676711,"lng":-3.7460620000000002,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/lanark-beds-mattress-furniture-warehouse"},{"name":"RJ Doak & Sons","content":"

RJ Doak and Sons is open to both trade and the public, and offers a range of products and services including hardware, building supplies, steel fabrication, plant, machinery and more.<\/p>\n\n

Located on the A743, opposite Caldwellside Industrial Estate, it is approximately a mile outside Lanark town centre.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/d44XGeo6jvhlX0OEFiiU3CIzLXuaoDlDsg8XczYJ.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/Q4S6BbpEb7D7DCPJcUUNewEePp843a4H3rqTLMX9.jpeg","lat":55.680295,"lng":-3.744204,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/rj-doak-sons"},{"name":"McCaskie Country Stores","content":"

McCaskie is a family run business which prides itself on offering a wide range of products and services to its valued customers.<\/p>\n\n

Their Country Store in Lanark is located at Caldwellside Industrial Estate on the A743, about a mile from the town centre and offers a comprehensive range of pet and small animal products. Whether you need some equine advice for your horse or a new collar for your puppy, they have it covered. \u00a0\u00a0<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/UzJHj30jBLLFBNSF1L0SLiXr1iPW9wwftsJZXxTr.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/yj6BB9NQnmp9dbHD2BVhP432qamgqWQGXBqXVOzg.jpeg","lat":55.677976,"lng":-3.743685,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/mccaskie-country-stores"},{"name":"Reids Glass & Glazing Factory Unit","content":"

Reids Glass & Glazing is Lanark\u2019s premier manufacturer and supplier of UPVC windows, doors and double glazed units. In addition to their renowned supply and installation offering, they provide a full repair service which is guaranteed to have your doors and windows working to perfection. If it is time your windows or doors were updated, or you need fast, efficient repairs from people you can trust, call Reids today to arrange a consultation.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/TakB9nt6gZzyckisPS0DI5z6he7RmJZ2Fhn2yPhj.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/caWBqfOEKZpQoIU1E3u66r0c4yQc9JLovr8Ll6a5.png","lat":55.678731,"lng":-3.748796,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/reids-glass-glazing-factory-unit"},{"name":"Hollingsworth Engineering Ltd","content":"

Hollingsworth Engineering is a modern precision engineering company, established in 2020 and located at Caldwellside Industrial Estate in Lanark.<\/p>\n\n

It specializes in all aspects of precision engineering from one off prototypes to large batch CNC Milling and CNC Turning and supplies to a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical and defence.<\/p>\n\n

It has invested in the latest state-of-the-art cutting edge machinery, using the latest in tooling technology and CAD\/CAM software to ensure it maintains product quality, as well as a competitive edge.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/Ne6YXyXkM8tUf0ZZVr7wtktB7JKGu7HCxMZnZ09a.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/7p6dVZoCS5LiBSMggoTmd0MPIpVlwAROsrRosaKN.jpeg","lat":55.678833,"lng":-3.745765,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/hollingsworth-engineering-ltd-1"},{"name":"S.R. Gardiner Builders","content":"Based at Caldwellside Industrial Estate, S.R. Gardiner Builders undertakes projects throughout North and South Lanarkshire including extensions, conversions, new builds, complete house renovations, refurbishments and insurance repair. Contact them to see how they can bring their expertise and experience to bring your contruction project to fruition.","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/DBCldQQyJ4xwO1aq08YBaHwpBgvXrr17fgxnLLt0.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/QLhT6K0pmB66DdoDl4OyEEtkkFPEY4S7krhxthkk.png","lat":55.679039,"lng":-3.746076,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/sr-gardiner-builders"},{"name":"Storageit Limited","content":"

Storageit Limited offers the very best in storage - clean, dry and very secure for your precious possessions. Ideal for both personal and business storage, their purpose-built containers come in two sizes, all you need to do is choose the one that is right for you.<\/p>Located at Caldwellside Industrial Estate, you can drive right up to your container to load and unload.
Storageit offers great value with competitive daily rates for short or long term hire. Get in touch to find out how they can help with your storage needs.","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/ywqCKq8AtPVn9uB4mGf8eBODoDOuH5qgi26ECDQ5.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/RCH8UuP2OgSlOatYrlAMb6n6Uf4tp4SzvhC0z6iE.png","lat":55.679464,"lng":-3.745708,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/storageit-limited"},{"name":"Mcculloch Vehicle Repair","content":"Based in Caldwellside Industrial Estate, McCulloch Vehicle Repair offers MOT preparation, servicing, tyres, exhaust and brakes repairs.","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/0AgPL7z0CDJyXkJ38JjV4n1W5lUbPXGrGivsCteM.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/ya0s7sLkfNwrmvWbiSrI4XHWsPdkZWYG9FKHLloW.jpeg","lat":55.677017,"lng":-3.745311,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/mcculloch-vehicle-repair"},{"name":"Know Your Strength Fitness","content":"Know Your Strength Fitness is a boutique strength gym based at Caldwellside Industrial Estate in Lanark. They are a small, private and inclusive space for individuals to train or learn to train without the typical gym stigmas attached. They operate a booking system allowing a maximum of 8 people in per hour to ensure no overcrowding. Get in touch for more information or to arrange a visit to chat further.","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/a9Hv9dBwwADoGt4w9Xlp2LNj9bKLksRPM6Y553Dk.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/EYSTCX0nhpE6WvmgZCcR1jXLLspmUmChIsZAuOAB.png","lat":55.67703,"lng":-3.7451280000000002,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/know-your-strength-fitness"}]

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