Hyndford Road

The attractive A73 Hyndford Road runs south-east from Lanark town centre towards Hyndford Bridge and Biggar.

The area hosts a number of attractions including Lanark Agricultural Centre, the Scottish Equestrian Centre, Langloch Farm and Lanark Loch.

A diverse range of local businesses and services are located here with a veterinary clinic, cafes and pubs, car repairs, a carpet shop, health and wellbeing services, a nursery and a care home.

Find out more about the many excellent businesses on Hyndford Road by clicking on the map icons below.
The attractive A73 Hyndford Road runs south-east from Lanark town centre towards Hyndford Bridge and Biggar.

The area hosts a number of attractions including Lanark Agricultural Centre, the Scottish Equestrian Centre, Langloch Farm and Lanark Loch.

A diverse range of local businesses and services are located here with a veterinary clinic, cafes and pubs, car repairs, a carpet shop, health and wellbeing services, a nursery and a care home.

Find out more about the many excellent businesses on Hyndford Road by clicking on the map icons below.
[{"name":"Country Carpets","content":"

Family-run since 2004, Country Carpets has been the first choice for genuine deals on quality carpets and flooring for many hundreds of customer across Lanarkshire and beyond.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/QeErkvYYY2eWezbwBrkXiLyF5jkQyPYHe4COFclJ.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/Coc3PfoFT5MfRPNdgMnjB2LE7Mc6tTKX8GcDEyZ4.png","lat":55.666957,"lng":-3.755908,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/country-carpets"},{"name":"Langloch Farm at CCI","content":"

CCI is a charity & social enterprise, enabling those facing barriers to contribute locally. Langloch Farm at CCI has a Nature Trail & Play Area, Tea Room, Market Garden & Gift Shop, selling CCI\u2019s Botanics, Woodcraft & Kitchen Social Enterprise products, as well as those of local artists and crafters.\u00a0<\/p>\n\n

CCI also offers various volunteering opportunities throughout Lanarkshire as well as running a Gardeners\u2019 Distribution and Exchange Network (DEN) where individuals and groups can get involved with the local gardening community<\/p>\n\n

<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/j2D4u2eGalZ8fS4j6XrnZTP8CoMaLvxOANrliSy7.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/BdW0psCeSrkmuO20QVtzdj0ras4CBDt5l4P7341f.png","lat":55.660702,"lng":-3.737448,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/langloch-farm-at-cci"},{"name":"Inn on the Loch","content":"

With its relaxed atmosphere and idyllic setting, a warm welcome awaits customers at the Inn on the Loch, Lanark.<\/p>\n\n

Situated by the side of Lanark Loch in the beautiful Clyde Valley we are confident that you will find us a perfect setting for any occasion. Our Restaurant and Cafe Bar provide a relaxed atmosphere, ambience and friendly reception, that combined with our expertly prepared food is sure to make your experience with us is a memorable one<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/A5rEGzBTRKkkCoxikvIwhpjE7ej80aJRCMmedd7X.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/zrQQydqaxrhECxd5SzmZC0hZ8Axjf3DPXyZSXmln.jpeg","lat":55.666759,"lng":-3.754211,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/inn-on-the-loch"},{"name":"NFU Mutual","content":"

NFU Mutual is an insurance, financial services and risk management provider who are Which recommended and Which insurer of the year 2020. As a Mutual, they believe in providing personal service and high quality cover to their clients.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/iJFZymxDej1QRZVF0rGYKtgYI7neTYVIlx3BPCN6.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/3LHo01dmueoZt2H3AOLTXwPQSEC1OmEd5m5DgskO.png","lat":55.663196,"lng":-3.745889,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/nfu-mutual"},{"name":"Scottish Equi B&B","content":"

Scottish Equi B&B Visit Scotland 4**** is a unique rustic accommodation just a 10min walk from the Historic town of Lanark. You can enjoy our famous Scottish Breakfast in the Stables Bistro while watching the tableau of horses going about their daily activities and riding. Each cosy en suite room is beautifully decorated and has every amenity for the modern traveller. This is Braveheart Country so you can follow the Wallace Trail in town, Visit New Lanark World Heritage Site etc..<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/W5Q5Z6xAlxjVlKOrOQS5RNNzJIh9Z6JaPolfpFwu.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/EtK6htrhgabT10GLUq2jZLNht3PJY9AFfiLBU2so.jpeg","lat":55.665276,"lng":-3.7496169999999998,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/scottish-equi-bb"},{"name":"Scottish Equestrian Hotel Activity Centre","content":"

Scottish Equestrian Hotel VisitScotland 5***** Activity Centre is the UK's largest Holiday Riding Centre welcoming visitors from all over the world. We are a BHS Training & Exam Centre offering livery, lessons and trailriding to locals and visitors of all ages. Based in one of the most beautiful and accessible parts of Scotland surrounded by historic splendour and tourist attractions. 45mins from Glasgow\/Edinburgh Airports, 10 min walk to the historic town of Lanark & New Lanark.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/yKuoTOhAV3WaXJtjlkVKTBADSVDg9wzFiKOjFos3.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/cEe77AmSVvOj0bhyVD9fjZxPC8KlJAJcCqBwTI2e.jpeg","lat":55.665096,"lng":-3.749575,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/scottish-equestrian-hotel-activity-centre"},{"name":"Clyde Vet Group","content":"

Clyde Veterinary Group\u2019s mission is to provide best in industry standards of veterinary care, delivered by three distinct teams: small animal, farm and equine. \u00a0<\/p>\n\n

This allows us to focus on exactly what our clients and their animals need, and to train our teams to the highest standards.\u00a0<\/p>\n\n

We have purpose built premises in Lanark, a site that we have extended and developed three times. Our Lanark branch also includes our equine referral hospital, and small animal hospital.\u00a0<\/p>\n\n

The practice now provides first opinion veterinary services to a large area of central Scotland from Perth to Abington and Glasgow to Edinburgh.<\/p>\n\n

Our dedicated departments allow our vets to follow their passion and concentrate on areas of expertise. That means that when you visit Clyde Vets, you know you will be speaking to a team who are experts on the specific care your animal needs. \u00a0<\/p>\n\n

We aim to provide education and assistance to our clients in each of our branches, and to continue to advance veterinary standards, all while providing you with a friendly and compassionate service.\u00a0<\/p>\n\n

You can find more about the people behind each of our teams in the small animal, equine and farm areas of our website. We hope to see you in one of our branches soon. \u00a0<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/IuKwCJy41EGiJygHW7R7LhDOOYmj2fLx0laUr64u.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/JIiZlTYygguvWReuv37XGhdONmw2dH9ZQ0MZauV6.jpeg","lat":55.662314,"lng":-3.741978,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/clyde-vet-group"},{"name":"Lawrie & Symington","content":"

The Firm of Lawrie & Symington was constituted in\u00a0January 1862.<\/p>

In September 1867 Mr Lawrie, who had been in business locally as an Auctioneer, and his nephew Mr Symington, first held a livestock auction in Lanark. In 1876, Symington started a weekly sale of stock on a Monday and these sales have continued ever since.<\/p>

Over the last 150 years, Lawrie & Symington has developed to become a major marketing force with throughput from its livestock activities approaching \u00a350m.<\/p>

The company's main activity is the marketing of prime, store and pedigree livestock through live auctions from its centres at Forfar and here in Lanark, which is internationally renowned for its sales of Blackface and Texel rams along with tractors, balers and other general farm implements.<\/p>

They also operate a well stocked country store which carries various lines of animal feeds and health products in addition to agricultural and retail goods specifically catering for your business needs or chosen pastime.<\/p>

Finally, their Lanark centre has a variety of versatile and adaptable areas which are perfect for hosting a wide range of events. From seminars and training days to weddings and black tie dinners, Lanark Market can be configured to suit your needs.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/2fxUJEgtzhJ4aShHiVRfZVnAwMdQlJuGwHu8bpij.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/Tw5Gvh0Fp9ql7UXSCfOKYN5alldYV82NB0BNsvFT.png","lat":55.663384,"lng":-3.746136,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/lawrie-symington"},{"name":"Reids Glass & Glazing Showroom","content":"

Reids Glass & Glazing is Lanark\u2019s premier manufacturer and supplier of UPVC windows, doors and double glazed units. In addition to their renowned supply and installation offering, they provide a full repair service which is guaranteed to have your doors and windows working to perfection. If it is time your windows or doors were updated, or you need fast, efficient repairs from people you can trust, call Reids today to arrange a consultation.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/XOuZidxlsp7NM8u55VpfeIVjrvL2KxFV10LjAZc9.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/WOysaIDMBwLkNEfItvR5WV693gWv2WPpWO5eWCGd.png","lat":55.667046,"lng":-3.756168,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/reids-glass-glazing-showroom"},{"name":"Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency","content":"Lanark Driving Test Centre is located at Lanark Agricultural Centre on the outskirts of the town centre.","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/sPRtDmrBcUpAhNR0QQoVUuiZ2CBxGf7DGjI6y0bE.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/hzH6Qa8lcVhTbQ9r2YHNVlgick9bp0QdbpzndJA7.jpeg","lat":55.663233,"lng":-3.746232,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/driver-and-vehicle-standards-agency"},{"name":"The Vortex Centre for Wellbeing","content":"Jim McFadyen opened the Vortex Centre in 2016 to help as many people as possible find their way back to natural balance and wellbeing. Please visit the website for more information for both individuals and groups.\u00a0","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/2y1BjD56gA8nDJmRxNhwk3v8KvrTNDmdYTpSIjLq.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/6CYmKwhGhCVNSPckNE8FkXPtBdpo5fcyYyEvinqk.jpeg","lat":55.667981,"lng":-3.758075,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/the-vortex-centre-for-wellbeing"},{"name":"3R Energy","content":"3R Energy focuses on developing renewable energy projects. They aim to play an important role in helping Scotland reach net zero emissions by 2045 through the delivery of high quality large scale renewable energy schemes.","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/of3VLyw7Tz5jphITpD2DHWeXi9R1aCbC4pzUsLrA.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/BqEjg1JLLYtzBHOwUkjMB6UCCgrcrE0f8eQwyXCZ.jpeg","lat":55.663091,"lng":-3.747128,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/3r-energy"},{"name":"HiQ Tyres & Autocare","content":"Here at HiQ Lanark we are a local, family run business that pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer service to our local community. With over 20 years of experience and two generations of our family working in the business, we feel that's what makes us different.

At Grand-Y-Care Academy our aim is to provide a welcoming, safe and happy environment to ensure every child will have the opportunity to grow and learn.<\/p>

All our members of staff have been carefully chosen for their experience, qualifications and for their enthusiasm in developing and nurturing children in a caring and confident manner.\u00a0<\/p>

<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/vpXftHuJcHwcJYnrlAqpZ3RaKqK3XbxDdloSZfDQ.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/NdVh5hxpg5WeYLV00XRPomLTOpK2C4UWewUzsYYr.jpeg","lat":55.67016,"lng":-3.763943,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/grand-y-care"},{"name":"Country Refreshments","content":"Based in central Scotland, we are specialists in providing high quality outside catering. \u00a0Our modern mobile catering units provide delicious food and drinks to clients UK wide who will only accept the highest standards.<\/span>
","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/ITgTFxhhXJMjpepmCyxFFSiCcpehSLbwcuKWUlZc.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/XHqp9Kd6VU4S7oFNvr2063gqCqpzBfwKAAoVhdAX.jpeg","lat":55.662981,"lng":-3.745839,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/country-refreshments"},{"name":"Royal Mail","content":"For over 500 years Royal Mail has helped the UK keep in touch and do business. We are the leading provider of\u00a0<\/span>postal and delivery services in the UK, delivering to more than 29 million addresses in the UK, six days a week.<\/span>
","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/OgV5idoeW0uOOk3aHfYADLUHV50vgd2HR42i8CQr.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/hzrAZnGevJOBDXRl0rXJ4CDb13rBnaRoiwqalt9J.jpeg","lat":55.670343,"lng":-3.762204,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/royal-mail"},{"name":"Crosslaw House Care Home","content":"

Crosslaw House Care Home in Lanark is designed to promote small group living in a homely environment.<\/p>","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/p3OGtRW5g1TTmZB7b0Mlg8i7Eje7i00ihw4rjAtu.jpeg","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/7shxTmPjKeEl1wdFX8NimX6DXES1nvRazFuF7ekY.jpeg","lat":55.669632,"lng":-3.761453,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/crosslaw-house-care-home"},{"name":"Loch Garage","content":"Located on Hyndford Road, Loch Garage is a well-established and popular family run business specialising in vehicle servicing, MOTs, tyres and exhausts. There is a car wash on site plus van and car hire at competitive rates.","tile_image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/6ZsoznEHp2YHORAVMfDsm9VP3wgfhP6cGwk58554.png","image":"https:\/\/\/storage\/listings\/images\/\/6JvKrp3xdecuoXasmvsGLjBl8USAmKEFrSEjhF42.png","lat":55.667112,"lng":-3.756439,"url":"https:\/\/\/directory\/business\/loch-garage"}]

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