Happy Valentine's Day from Lanark Rotary Club


The latest Lanark illuminations help 'spread the love' over Valentine's weekend!

At the end of 2020, the Rotary club of Lanark commissioned coloured lights plus projection equipment from Blachere Illuminations to highlight St Nicholas Church and The Tolbooth. As the existing lighting for these buildings was no longer functioning, the Rotary Club, with top up monies from The Renewable Energy Fund, were able to fund replacement lights to illuminate these two iconic buildings as a special project this year. 

The new equipment allows a range of seasonal images to be projected onto the church, lights so far have included Remembrance poppies, festive snowflakes and now Valentine's hearts.

This lighting project adds to the list of Rotary’s joint investments with various other partners in projects such as the High Street Banners, “Adopt a Close”, maintenance of the small Christmas tree lights and summer baskets, as well as crocus planting in Castlebank Park. 

In these different ways Lanark Rotarians hope to not only improve but also to enhance the town’s landscape. To find out more about the Rotary Club of Lanark, visit the links below:

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