Help shape future of the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve


Help Scottish Wildlife Trust shape the future of the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve

We are asking for your help! The Scottish Wildlife Trust wants to hear from people with an interest in the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve. We are writing a new 10 year reserve management plan and your input could help to inform what happens on the reserve in the future. 

Our network of reserves is managed to conserve a wide range of habitats and species throughout Scotland and to demonstrate good practice in wildlife conservation and land management. Each of our reserves has a management plan that guides the management of the reserve over a 5 or 10 year period. 

The preparation of the management plan provides an opportunity for everyone with an interest in the reserve to contribute to a shared vision for the site. The foundation of any plan are the management objectives for the reserve, which describe the vision for each of the key features of the site. Once these have been agreed, individual projects for the next 10 years are developed to achieve the overarching management objectives. 

This is where you come in…We would be very grateful if you could spare 20 minutes of your time to complete the survey below. Let us know what you think about the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve and if you have any suggestions for improvements. All suggestions will be taken on board, subject to conservation, legal and financial constraints.

Click here to complete the survey:

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