New amateur football team in Lanark


Lanark AFC is seeking community sponsorship from local businesses

The start of 2021 has seen a new amateur football team launching in Lanark, Lanark AFC. 

The group has been actively recruiting young adults to join the squad in preparation for the upcoming season, and is now at the stage of seeking sponsorship from businesses in the local community.

Statement from the manager, Alan Brock:

I decided to start up Lanark AFC as I feel there are a lot of really good players out there that just don’t get the chance to play and enjoy the game. I want to balance having a winning and capable squad, with also giving people a fair shot to actually get involved and enjoy playing football.”

One of our biggest goals, naturally, is to see a lot of success on the pitch, winning cups and leagues. However, we also have attention on promoting the club within the community and have residents come out and support us. As well as that, we also recognise that a lot of young adults, when they do not have anything productive to get involved in, start taking part in activities that bring the community down, we aim to give people something to do to help contribute towards the community.”

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