Planning well underway for Lanark Lanimers 2021


Post COVID, 2021's Lanimer Celebrations may look different to usual

Planning is well underway for 2021's Lanimer Celebrations which may look different to usual 

Over the last few weeks the Lanimer Committee has been working hard, developing plans for the Lanimer celebrations of 2021. 

It has been a difficult year for everyone in our community and around the world. What exactly 2021 will bring is still uncertain, although a vaccine currently looks promising. There may need to be changes and adaptations to Lanimer events and timing during Lanimer Week. Final decisions will be made in the New Year. 

The Committee will work tirelessly to organising as full a Lanimer week and associated events as COVID rules will permit. We are focused, along with the Lord Cornets Club, on planning for all of the week’s traditions, principally The Shifting of the Burgh Standard and The Crowning of the Lanimer Queen. 

Some events may require a different format than occur traditionally, and the committee will work closely with statutory agencies, partners and families to deliver a memorable Lanimers that is fit for the community but complies with COVID rules at the time. The first step of planning for 2021 was confirming the Lanimer Committee’s March 2020 decision to invite all members of the 2020 Lanimer court to maintain their roles in 2021. At their most recent general Committee meeting of 11th November 2020 it was further agreed to select, through ballot, two additional maids from the P7 class of each of the 5 local primary schools, and one boy from each of these schools. 

The cycle for choosing the Lanimer queen will restart in 2022 with Lanark Primary, the next school due to select the queen when the COVID pandemic ‘froze’ our Lanimer plans for 2020 and the court planned for that year was moved to 2021. This decision and pattern follows precedent set during two world wars, when no Lanimer court could be chosen. The Committee agreed that, after considering many factors and organisational facts, this delivered the fairest and best solution to a unique event in 2021. It will maintain for the 2020 court their position from 2020 and an opportunity to involve the current P7 cohorts in the 2021 court, in a manageable way. 

For one year only there will be 47 members of the Lanimer court, rather than 32; 25 girls and 22 boys, including the current Lanimer queen-elect, Lacey Holmes. Further details will follow in the New Year. The Lanimer Committee will be working hard over the next 7 months to deliver the traditional Lanimers for the community. 

This is our purpose on behalf of you all. A small army of volunteers works tirelessly to make this happen. As Lanimer Committee Chairman I am grateful to everyone for their efforts over many years, but particularly for their anticipated assistance and support for the Lanimers in 2021. If your family, friends or you would like to volunteer their help, skills and/or time please: Email: or text/phone: 07772 352846 and let us know how you would like to participate. 

You can also support Lanimers 2021 fundraising by purchasing Silver Club tickets through or by contacting to become a Lanimer Patron. The Lanimer Committee and Lord Cornets Club hopes you continue to stay safe. Ex-Lord Cornet Kenny Lean, Chairman.

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