Whuppity Scoorie creative ball competition now open


Annual creative competition now open until 26th February 2021...

The story behind the tradition of Whuppity Scoorie in the Royal Burgh of Lanark…

The first of March was looked upon as the first day of Spring.

This tradition was first reported in the Hamilton Advertiser newspaper in 1893 and it was quoted as being around 120 years old at that time.

To celebrate the end of Winter and to welcome Spring, the tradition is to run round St Nicholas Church, 3 times in a clockwise direction, swinging a paper ball on the end of a long piece of string.  It is thought that it is to celebrate the days becoming longer and to frighten off the evil spirits of Winter.

The ball is made up of newspaper then tied with string, and can then be decorated.

This year, due to COVID-19, we are unable to gather and run around St Nicholas Church, but there will still be a best decorated paper ball competition, with a certificate and prize for the three best entries from (the ball must still look have the basic ball shape).

The Community Council would like to thank Mrs Margo Yates who has kindly offered to donated the prizes and certificates.

To enter the decorated ball competition, send a photo via Facebook Messenger to the RBLCC Facebook page here.

Along with the photograph should be name & age of child and address and contact telephone number of a parent/guardian. Entries should be submitted by Friday 26th February and details of the winners will be posted on Monday 1st of March.

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