Cargill House Club

32 Bannatyne Street, Lanark, , ML11 7JR
Open 9am - 3-3.30pm Monday - Friday.

Since the re-opening of Lanark Memorial Hall in June 2013, the Cargill House Club has been able to return to the place that they call home; and they’re delighted to be back.

Following several years elsewhere in the town, the group were thrilled to be able to return to a place that holds very fond memories - and now they’re looking for even more people to walk through their door for the very first time.

Taking the first step towards joining a club can be a tough task for anyone but at Cargill everyone is given a warm welcome. There is a great atmosphere among those involved in the club and it gives locals a fantastic way to meet others.

The club is open from 9am until 3.30pm from Monday to Friday with a number of day trips scheduled throughout the year.

Cargill caters for everyone who is interested in coming along and you don’t need to be a member at first, just head in and they will be thrilled to see you.

Around 120 people are currently members of the club, which was set up in 1968 to provide recreational, educational and social facilities for the over 60s in Lanark, before allowing over 50s in recent years.

Membership costs just £10 a year with half year membership available and is great value for what is one of Lanark’s most well-known and loved clubs.

During the renovation of the Memorial Hall better access was provided for all members of the community which was a great bonus to those using the club. The upstairs of the club is very spacious allowing room for a wide variety of crafts and activities with guest speakers planned for the near future.

The Cargill is more than just a club; it provides an important resource for locals not only to be able to socialise, but to support others in the community and give them the chance to look forward to having a great day in the town.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about Cargill just pop in or phone Margaret on 01555 663 615.

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