Cartland Bridge (There and back again)

Start in Lanark town centre, head for Glasgow Road, Lanark, ML11

This 'there and back again' walk is a heart-pumping 4k which takes you from Lanark's town centre, downhill along Glasgow Road to marvel at the historic Cartland Bridge, and back uphill again! Stop for a well-earned refreshment after the incline in one of Lanark's many cafés, bars or restaurants. 

Cartland Bridge was designed by Thomas Telford and built in 1822 as part of the improvement of the highway between Stirling and Carlisle which passes through Lanark, Cartland Bridge, spans the gorge of the river Mouse. It consists of two piers and three 52-foot span arches. The height from the riverbed to the top of the parapet is 129 feet.

Mr. John Gibb an Aberdeen architect was the contractor and builder. Robert Hutchison, Ex- Provost of Lanark laid the foundation stone in the summer of 1821 and the bridge was completed in the summer of 1822.

Image credit: Clydesdale's Heritage.

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