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Established in 2011, Lanark & District U3A is a lively organisation, which is not determined by age but rather is for anyone who is retired or semi-retired.  We have had over 200 members. Members meet together monthly on a Wednesday afternoon, in Lanark Memorial Hall, where they are informed and entertained by speakers on a wide variety of topics.

The members of the U3A, with the aid of their committee and group co-ordinators, also organise and run over 30 interest groups. Some groups are purely for leisure and enjoyment, whereas others enable some type of learning. There is a very reasonable annual membership fee, which pays for monthly meetings, insurance, administration costs and the Third Age Trust capitation fee. Members can receive the U3A magazine, Third Age Matters, five times a year, which is delivered to your home address by post.

Interest groups are run by members, for members, on an actual cost basis. There is no extra charge for joining a group and you can join as many as you like!  And remember - as a member you can be helped to start an interest group for your chosen activity, if one does not already exist.

Find out more on the website (opens in new tab) or simply Google ‘Lanark & District u3a’.You will find lots of information about past and future meetings,  interest groups and other activities in which we have been involved.  There are also links there to the governing body, ‘The Third Age Trust’.

Feel free to attend a couple of the monthly meetings or even sample a group without feeling pressurised into joining. However, it is expected that if you would like to continue attending after your 'free sample,' you complete an application form for Lanark & District u3a and join an ever- increasing group of lively, friendly and active retirees.

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    Key Info Points

        Organisation for the retired & semi-retired

        Ethos is ‘Live, Laugh and Learn’

        Monthly meetings with speakers

        Offers a wide variety of friendly interest groups

        Visits to places of Interest

        Access to National study days and events

        Enjoy making new friends while participating in chosen interests 

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