The Stey Brae

The Stey Brae, Waterloo Road, Lanark, ML11
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The Stey Brae (or steep hill) in Lanark is a popular walking path used year-round by locals, and en masse in June by participants of 'The Perambulation of the Marches' which sees hundreds of Lanarkians walking the ancient boundary lines of Lanark as part of the ancient Lanimer celebrations. The steep and rugged path enjoys a tree-lined shady position, and beautiful views into the Mouse Valley glen below. Walkers can take this path as part of routes which include the Cleghorn Glen or Cartland Craigs National Nature Reserves. 

The Stey Brae is located in a mainly residential area, with the closest attractions being the historic buildings of Hope Street which then leads directly into the town centre and its many amenities.

Image credit: Erin Ramsay.

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    Key Info Points

    A Stey Brae by Gordon Geddes

    It's a stey brae we're treadin', sae lang an' sae sair

    The speelin' o't's hard wi' sich burdens tae bear,

    An' snell are the winds that continually blaw -

    Oh! little's the sunshine and muckle's the snaw.

    The road my be hard and thin be yer shoon,

    The keen frost may nip through yer auld worn goun;

    You may be near drappin' an' at yer wits end

    Tae mak' a' ends meet wi' sae little tae spend.

    But dinna gie up though moist be yer broo;

    There's mony a ane mair forfoughten than you.

    Keep yer een aff the brae, there's nae muckle there

    Tae comfort a body o'er burdened wi' care.

    The sun an' the rain dinna come frae the groun';

    Let yer een an' yer he'rt take a flicht up abune.

    Then ye winna gie up, for yer strength He'll renew,

    Like mony a ane mair forfoughten than you.

    On the brae ye'll find mony wha's life's on the rack;

    Try an' gie them a smile an' a friendly bit crack.

    There's an end tae a'thing, aye een a stey brae;

    But e'en when ye've speel'd it, there's plenty tae dae.

    Sae dinna gie up, but just buckle to.

    An' help some puir body mair forfoughten than you.

    Meaning of unusual words:

    stey brae=steep hill



    muckle=a lot







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